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We are happy to accounce that Kutzenberger Wolff & Partner has once again been ranked by JUVE among the most recommended patent firms for patent filings in Germany! Many thanks to the entire team, our clients and colleagues who made this possible!

Germany now leads the EU in patents and IP, with green tech the most pronounced element in this growth, according to an influential new study from the European Union. As the European Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office recently detailed – German companies are leading Europe in the use of IP – … Weiter lesen

Chinese companies are powering a new expansion in EU patent filings – according to a recent announcement from the European Patent Office (EPO). As the EPO reports, Chinese companies applied for a record 16,665 patents in 2021. Overall, the EPO saw a 4.5% increase in patent applications in 2021, totaling 188,600 applications. At the same … Weiter lesen

As you may have heard, European patents having unitary effect (so-called unitary patents) will become available before long. Over the past decade we have been expecting the Unitary Patent System to come into effect „shortly“, but there have been many unexpected delays, unfortunately. The exact date of entry into force is still unknown, but there … Weiter lesen

Erneut hat uns die Financial Times für unsere Arbeit ausgezeichnet. Damit gehören wir zu „Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2022“.  Das vollständige Ranking finden Sie hier:

In einem Patentrechtsstreit zwischen acht Patentinhabern und Ford ist nun durch das LG München ein erstes Urteil zugunsten des japanischen Patentverwerters IP Bridge ergangen. Verhängt wurde ein deutschlandweites Verkaufs- und Produktionsverbot. Zwar kann Ford noch in Berufung gehen, jedoch ist das Urteil in wenigen Wochen vollstreckbar, falls die Klägerin eine Sicherheitsleistung in Höhe von ca. … Weiter lesen

European patent applications have seen a record rise in 2021 – where companies last year filed 188,600 patent applications with the European Patent Office (EPO) – as the recently published EPO patent index indicates. US companies led applications with 46,500 innovations (an increase of 5%), with Germany in second with almost 26,000 (maintaining the same level … Weiter lesen

Russia is now permitting patents affiliated with “unfriendly” countries to be utilized by parties in the country without compensation. This new treatment of foreign owned patents comes from a new decree issued in Russia on March 7th – in response to Western sanctions against Russia arising from the Russia-Ukraine war.  Specifically, as experts have observed, … Weiter lesen

We are sad and concerned about Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine. The team of Kutzenberger Wolff & Partner stands in solidarity with all Ukraine citizens and donated 10.000,- EUR as Emergency Aid under the flag of „Aktion Deutschland hilft”.