Ideas matter. Ideas can make life all the more worth living. Ideas can make a difference. Ideas can improve lives and change the world. Ideas can have currency and commercial value. There is always someone who comes up with the idea first.

That’s where we come in…

As a law firm we specialise in patent and trademark law. We protect and fight for your intellectual property rights. We advise and support you throughout the entire process. Above all, we secure these rights for you so that you can put your ideas into practice and profit.

6 Partners and over 25 employees are working on your behalf every day. We have done so successfully and consistently for more than 20 years. It has made us one of the largest and most respected patent law firms in Cologne.

And this success has proven our strategy: Again, our law firm has been appointed in the current JUVE Handbook of “Commercial Law Firms 2017/2018” as patent law firm of particular prestige in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering patents.

Why should you be reading this? Because we can help you secure your rights. Please read on to find out how we do it.

What we can do for you.

Competence in every technical field is not a given. It takes a special kind of organization to continuously foster the personal and professional expertise that our clients expect from us.

It is a critical prerequisite for protecting your ideas and inventions. Successful relationships are another corner stone of our firm. You will always have a dedicated partner by your side to guide you through the entire process, to address your concerns, to answer your questions. You will have a partner who is available at all times, stays on task and can access partner knowledge in real time as needed.

You will be informed, well-advised, and supported. We strive to make your workload easier and to reduce it to the greatest possible extent.

We take the time that your invention needs. We work closely with you before we get to work. And we meet again when we are ready to make our best possible recommendations.

Be in the right & get what´s yours by right.

Why every coin has two sides.

Those who wish to patent an invention invariably and quickly come up against barriers and questions such as: Am I really the first person to come up with this idea? Can I actually get it patented? And is the patent also valid in India? Or in the USA? What conditions do I have to meet?

Whether designer, developer or entrepreneur – it is hardly possible to navigate your way through the jungle of protecting intellectual property on your own.

We have the experience to answer your questions. What we do not know off hand, we find out immediately. You can relax and continue to devote your time to other matters. By the way, we provide the same level of support to established corporate patent departments.

Ultimately, being in the right and getting what is yours by right is not just the toss of a coin.
It is our mission.

Understanding & Commitment

What line of sight means to us.

Know-how is the composite of domain knowledge, experience and expertise across the different disciplines and technical specialties. It is the basis for our work. Here are a few examples of our focus areas: organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer science, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, microelectronics, telecommunications, process technology and plant construction.

Our partners and employees are specialists in their field – and in yours. Since we know and understand what you do, we can help you as an independent full service partner or by working within your own processes.

In addition, we can put our network to work for you. We work with internationally licensed lawyers and patent attorneys, who enable us to act globally on your behalf.

We bring everything to the table: your needs and concerns, our expertise and a global network of advisors.

Invent & Protect

At Kutzenberger Wolff & Partner you will always find a perfect expert match for your needs.
We provide “one stop” access to expertise for the entire patent life cycle from the research stage and filing process to asserting and defending your intellectual property rights. That is why your invention is in good hands with us.

We take care of contracts and licenses, offer you portfolio management, develop IP strategies and demonstrate special commitment when it comes to freedom-to-operate analyses, and we do this for all the relevant aspects of property rights: patent law, trademark law, design law, utility model law, employee invention law and licensing law.

Whatever your idea is – we’ll see you right.

We only close out an assignment when we really have pulled out all the stops and every party involved is satisfied. That goes for our clients as well as for us.